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RS-485 Base Sub Controller

Main Features

-   easy to install and networking RS-485 communication

-   each system has 4 or 8 slot, Max can support 128 I/O point

-   Support various software including Windows DLL driver, OCX driver, OPC server and HMI/SCADA software driver.

-   With surge protection, avoid system to be damaged by dangerous  voltage and power transients

-   Can use one R-8510 repeater to expand network, each system can have Max 256 R-9000 unit, max transmit distance can reach 10km



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RS-485 Base Sub Controller


General aspects:

R-9410 and R-9810 system use EIA RS-485 communication protocol. This protocol is the standard which has been widely used in industrial field balancing, two-way transmit. RS-485 has the advantage of further transmitting distance, higher transmitting speed, very suitable for industrial application.
-   Processor:
    CPU        16 Micro processor
    I/O model capacity: 4or 8
    Built-in watchdog
    Power consumption: 1.0W(R-9410) 4.0W(R-9810)
-   Isolation protection
    Communication; 2500VDC(R-9410)
    Isolation:        3000VDC(R-9810)
    Isolation protection: communication power 3000VDC
    I/O model isolation:3000VDC
-   Diagnosis:
    Status display: Power, CPU< communication
    Self-test: self-test when power on
    Software diagnosis: enabled
-   Communication:
    Network: RS-232or RS 485(2-wire) to mainframe
    Rate (bps): 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2K, 38.4K, 57.6K and 15.2Kbps
    Max communicate distance: 4000 feet(1.2km)
    Command format: ASCII command/response protocol
    Reliability check: with checksum校验核 ?communication error check
    Asynchronous communication data format: 1 start bit, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit, with no check
    Max vertices: each PC serial port can connect 256 sections system
-   Power requirement
    Unconditioned: +10-30VDC
    Reverse power protection
    Power protection: suppress current transient behavior

-   Mechanical features:
    Classis : KJW plastics, with install accessories
    Plug-in screw terminator: diameter of lead 0.05mm2  to 2.5mm2, 1-#12 or 2-#14 to #22AWG
-   Environment:
    Operating temp –10℃~+70℃
    Storage temp –10℃~+85℃
    Humidity: 5~95% non-condensing
Order information:
RemoDAQ-9410 RS485 (4 slots) distributed data acquisition control system.
RemoDAQ-9810 RS485 (8 slots) distributed data acquisition control system.
DSLC-OPC/RemoDAQ, used for RemoDAQ-8000/ RemoDAQ-9000 serials (RS-485) OPC server.


Date Description Version OS Download


Date Description Version OS Download
2015/04/17 R-9410/9810 Download
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