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Company Culture

When Beijing Gemotech Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was founded, we have been cooperating with the international company. We bring in the advanced technology and absorb the excellent talent. In the volatile market environment, we do mutual cooperation with various partners and do competition with others in an all-around way. We insist on our management concept” competition and innovation, assign duties according to ability, steady and perseverance, customers first”. Our goal is”base in china, move towards the world”.

Gemotech- a new rising star in Chinese auto control industrial field, joins in the competitive competition, seeks cooperation worldwide, and explores its own way towards internationalization, towards success.
Integrity & Honesty
Respect ourselves and others; to be honest to colleagues, clients and all the suppliers; working fairly; no any personal breaking.
Trust & Respecting
Communicating frankly and directly; giving honest and constructive feedback; keeping words and respecting facts.
Pursuing Excellence
Engaged in improving quality and developing market; making a measurable business target; responsible for all the tasks and results; pursuing high specialization and normal outstanding achievement is not acceptable.
Passion and Innovation
Good at taking risks and challenging ; making improvements in searching , learning and  sharing new technology and techniques ; taking lessons from failures in order to strengthen ability in meeting in emergency quickly .
Working Team Spirit
Mutual support and cooperation; share knowledge and technology; solving problem under double benefit principle; share responsibility and achievements; be active in participating teamwork and having clear team target .
Diversity development,  marketing operation, and humanizing management.
Based on human essence,  combining management science with management art.
The logo and the name: Beijing Gemotech Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 


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