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Network Application Appliance

As more sophisticated demand overincreasingly advanced networks, a variety of communicationappliances application solutions are offered, such asmedia appliances, internet appliances and communicationappliances, to create a transparent end-to-end path todeliver video calls, text messaging, location-based services and high-demandservices over mobile, VoIP and traditional networks. 

The DiversifyNetwork Application Solutions

While enterprises and service providers alike may dreamof simply replacing existing networks, the reality is that most legacyinstallations still work beautifully, forcing networks from various generationsto co-exist and interconnect seamlessly for the foreseeable future. 

GEMOTECH offers a media appliance that interconnectsdifferent types of media streams to create a transparent end-to-end path forvoice, video, and data in corporations and service provider environments.Available in a range of functionality and sizes, these gateways may alsoinclude premier bandwidth and codec optimization that can reduce costssignificantly in the access and core portions of the network.

Rising to this interwork challenge, GEMOTECH supplies afull suite of products ready to deliver video calls, text messaging, andlocation-based services and many other high-demand services over mobile, VoIP,and traditional networks. Whatever the need- from switching to transport- GEMOTECHsupplies the technology to create, manage and security control, voice, video,and data sessions simultaneously.

GEMOTECH network appliances can apply in SSL VPN,IDP/IPS, VoIP, IVR, Firewall, Web Filter, and IMS.


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