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Industrial Firewall Solution

The needfor network security exists not only in enterprise data centers. It also existsin telecom data center, machine to machine (M2M) network, industrialapplications and small office/home office (SOHO) network. Any device withnetwork connectivity could become a potential entry point for cyber attack andmust be protected as well. Under these premises, GEMOTECH has released new industrialfirewall aimed at different application needs of automation,medical equipment, and energy processing industries.

Protectcritical assets against cyber threats

TheHenge™ industrial firewall series is a fully integrated industrial multi-portfirewall router with VPN function. The fully equipped, broadband-capablefirewall router offers a stateful packet inspection firewall, intrusionprevention and real-time alerts. Equipped with SSL VPN functions, the Henge™ industrial firewall provides a remote accessinfrastructure to secure connections, and helps machine builder/systemintegrator to design easily maintained systems. Furthermore, its toughfullyrugged design is ideal for harsh environment application. With widetemperature range up to to 70°C(158°F) degree, it offers reliable communicationnetwork in extreme temperature conditions.

PairingVPN capability, the Henge™ industrialfirewall series is an idealendpoint connectivity and security solution for industrial automation, processcontrol, energy and medical instrument remote management application.

Inrecent years, rising demand in electricity intensively presses power plants toprovide more renewable energy at lower price. By leveraging existing IPinfrastructure, power plants can maximize plant efficiency and reliabilitythrough automation, integration, and optimization of the entire plant.

Thestateful firewall router can not only examine a packet more deeply, toeliminate the chance a packet pretending what it’s not and possible damage, butalso can keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic’s connection states.

Increase operational efficiency

Ina volatile world economy, market presents both challenges and opportunities forcompanies, such as setting up profitable growth, expanding into new territories,differentiation and more. Traditionally, machine control network for automationis a closed network with narrow bandwidth, which makes remote machine diagnosismore difficult. Now, thanks to the rapid decline in IP network cost. Withremote-access solution, machine builder/SI can improve business operations byreducing emergency
service calls, inefficient on-site technical services…and so on. Furthermore,the advantages include remote accessibility, easy installation and integration,and better scalability flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

TheHenge™ industrial firewall series is ideal for a variety of applications insecure data communication segment which requires stateful firewall/NAT,industrial protocols filter, reliable and secure VPN tunnels, and easyinstallation and maintenance.

ConnectValuable Devices with Simplicity, Efficiency, and Complete Security

With theHenge™ VPN Dispatcher, user can define and manage network connections withextremely flexibility, adapting them to suit specified needs, like createmultiple and distributed networks using VPN gateway to gateway, enable remoteuser connections to specific network and define custom per-user profiles…and soon.



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