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Integrated Embedded Fanless System

Computer technology is in a fast developing and full-blown stage with the advent of the digital age. The first motivated market is consumer electronic products such as cell phone, MP3, digital camera, card reader and   personal disk, etc. However, these are all peripheral products. The products have been extended from personal products to family, construction and public information systems, especially the industrial control area. The difference between the PC and industrial control is becoming fainter and fainter. The internet information service are diffusing from PC to all of the equipment such as ATM, POS information service center of MRT and transport center, vehicle computers, bus or train computers, medical institutions and clinics system,  games systems and logistic Control System. So the application of Integrated Embedded computer System is omnipresent. For the requirement of visualization demands of the digital times, the Integrated Embedded Fanless System has been launched by Gemotech Computer. The new system is going to be used for commercial demands and provides the best platform for the digital living fad for visualization.


IPC belonged to niche markets and was the choice for little variety in the past. Many businesses had invested for it because of its high profits mode. However, technology development has not been the obstacle anymore and conformity is the key point. So Integrated Embedded Computer Systems will become the hot market products if they are integrated system, saving designed, and support image output. With the advent of Digital Automation times, the Integrated Embedded Fanless System can adapt the Harsh Environment of industrial control and the market application of the common commercial control and became the hot commodities. An Integrated Embedded Computer System which is very small in volume fanless and has the vibration- and impact -resistant can be easily installed in the non-engine room and other space. The system also have integrated function of image output, control I/O and expanded communications functions, which can be the best solution to the information export platform for distributed control or distributed system. However, the design of heat dissipation for the Integrated Embedded Fanless System is the major project. At present, the challenge for the IPC industry is how to enhance the CPU calculation function and balance the WideTemperature Range. Now the NICE Integrated Embedded Fanless System is launched by Gemotech. The newly developed system has special cooling functions, and can support the full range of Intel PGA and Pentium M-series, which is different from the (U) LV CPU solution seen in the market at present. The NICE Integrated Embedded Fanless System can support calculation function of 2GHz grade and output of two different screens. The resolution is up to 1600x1200@85Hz.

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