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The Best Field Commander - NICE 3100P2 Fan-less BOX PC with Two PCI Slots

The new NICE 3100P2 has a re-designed aluminum chassis to accommodate two PCI peripherals expansion with ease. The innovative fan-less design of NICE 3100P2 has set a new milestone in embedded computing, which is the best 3C Field Commander ever in Computing, Communicating and Controlling. 

The NICE 3100P2 has dual Ethernet ports to communicate between multiple network connections. And wide ranges of supported CPUs in NICE 3100P2 provide ample computing power to control connected peripherals.

The added expansion feature is perfect to configure NICE 3100P2 in office automation, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) automation environment, and more.

New Features:

The new modified aluminum chassis of NICE 3100P2 remains compact design; yet, it is large enough to support two PCI slot peripherals, - one half size and one full size PCI card.

In vertical markets, most of projects usually prefer hardware with flexible I/O and PCI slot add-on capability to meet required tasks. With I/O and PCI slot expansions flexibility, NICE 3100P2 is able to provide a robust hardware platform for wide variety of system integration.


Innovative Fan-less Design

The fan-less NICE 3100P2 also comes with an innovative thermal design, the unique skived fin aluminum chassis functions as a giant Heatsink to quickly transfer heat without CPU fan. The complete system board is isolated in a sturdy chassis to withstand in most of the harsh environment. Since dust is usually the major cause of system failure, NICE3100P2 is proved to survive in dusty environment. With sealed chassis design, it helps eliminate dusts from entering into the chassis. Having lesser down time and lower maintenance cost, NICE3100P2 has lower total cost of ownership.


Suggested Applications

The fan-less design NICE 3100P2 is able to operate in harsh environment that beyond traditional computer limitation. The fan-less NICE 3100P2 is designed to operate in dusty and space limited environment, and its great thermal design is able to withstand wide temperature ranges. The protective chassis design makes the NICE 3100P2 a better vibration and shock tolerate machine.

For CNC automation, it is great to configure the NICE 3100P2 as a controlling server. With real projects and in the field-proven, the Fan-less NICE 3100 series without fan and moving parts can successfully replace the legacy shoebox PCs. NICE 3100P2 has sufficient processing power, ample I/O ports and two PCI expansion slots to integrate motion card, vision card or other type of control cards. Refer to the diagram below for other suggested applications.







Specification Highlights


Incorporated with EBC 573FL embedded board computer, the NICE 3100P2 supports Intel Pentium M processor (1.6 to 1.8 GHz) and Intel Celeron M (1.3 to 1.5 GHz) processor. In addition, it also supports low voltage and Ultra low voltage Intel Pentium M and Celeron M processors with 400 MHz FSB.

The featured Intel 852GM Chipset supports VGA, LVDS, S-Video TV-out, CF, four COM and six USB 2.0 ports for peripherals upgrade flexibility. The NICE 3100P2 is designed to accept wide range of power source from 12 to 30 Vdc to fulfill various vertical markets.


Supported CPU types as follows:

  • Support Intel Pentium M processor in 478-pin, Micro-FCPGA package from 1.6 to 1.8 GHz with 1 MB or 2 MB L2 cache and 400 MHz FSB
  • Support Intel Celeron M processor in 478-pin, Micro-FCPGA package from 1.3 to 1.5 GHz with 512 KB or 1 MB L2 cache and 400 MHz FSB
  • Supports low voltage Celeron M processors in 479-ball, Micro-FCBGA packages from 600 MHz to 1 GHz.
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