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PCI Bus Isolated Dual- CAN Card
Main Features

-  Compatible with PCI bus 2.2 standard

-  Can operate on two independent CAN network at the same time

-  1 Mbps high speed transmission rate

-  16 MHz CAN controller frequency.

-  1000VDC optic isolation protection to assure system reliability

-  I/O address is distributed by PCI plug- and- play auto automatically.

-  LED indicator to display each port receive/send status

-  Windows DLL library and routine

-  Universal PCI

-  Support Windows 95/98/2000/XP driver and tools


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PCI Bus Isolated Dual- CAN Card
PCI- CAN20 is a type of CAN and PC specialized communication card. Because it has build- in CAN controller, PC- CAN20 can provide bus mediation and troubleshooting function, can resend data when test error automatically. This can reduce the chances of data lost massively, which assures the reliability of the system. CAN controller on card occupied different address, users can use two CAN controllers, and they do not interfere with each other. In addition, PCI- CAN20 also has a universal PCI port, compatible with the latest 3.3V and traditional 5V signal system. Because of its great compatibility, it can be used in different applications.
CAN is a serial bus system, especially suitable for network intelligent I/O equipment, such as factory or machinery sensor and performer. CAN bus is initially developed by Porsche company and mainly used for motor vehicle. It has been widely used in industrial auto- control field, because it has multi- master protocol, real- time capability, error correcting capability and strong anti- noise capability, and also the use of relevant electronic equipment increasing rapidly.                  Direct system memory map, can visit CAN controller high- speed.
PCI- CAN20 pointed a memory address. This is the simplest method for integrating PC card, and because the very card is treated as standard RAM by PC, therefore, it can provide high- speed data visiting function.
      Optic isolation protection
Card with optic isolator, can protect the PC and equipment from destroying of ground circuit , enhanced system reliability within harsh environment at a great deal.
- Bus interface: compatible with PCI bus 2.2 standard
-  Interface:  2
-  Protocol: CAN 2.0 A/B
-  CAN controller: SJA- 1000
-  CAN receiver: 82C250
-  Signal support: CAN_H, CAN_L
-  Speed: 1Mbps
-  Isolation protection: 1000VDC
-  Power consumption: 5V@400 mA
-  Interface: 2 standard DB9 (M) port
-  Operating temperature: 0~65℃
-  Storage temperature:- 25~85℃
-  Operating humidity: 5~95%RH, non- condensing
Order information:
-  PCI- CAN20 PCI bus isolated dual-CAN interface card


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