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PCI BUS serial communication card
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8-Port Intelligent RS- 232/422 Universal PCI Communication Card
Main Features

-  512KB two- port RAM

-  8-port online at the same time transmission speed can reach 921.6Kbps

-  Integrated RS- 232 modem to control signal

-  Mapping 16KB system memory. Can choose one address from C8000  to DC000

-  Various IRQ options:2, 3,4, 5, 7,10,11,12 or 15

-  Easy to use menu to driver install procedure.

-  Connection unit has LED display indicator, can easily monitor any port TxD/RxD status

-  The distance between Peripheral to controller can reach 1200M (4000feet)

-  Surge protection: 2500VESD, 2000VEFT (optional)

-  Universal PCI


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8-Port Intelligent RS- 232/422 Universal PCI Communication Card

PCI- 1408U is a type of intelligent communication card for lab or industrial use. It can be used for communication between PC and port, modem or other equipments. The use of RS- 422 needs opt- 8F/8Z port RS- 232 to RS- 422 connection unit. Users can install 4 PCI- 1408 Maximum on any PCI bus PC, therefore altogether it will provide 32 interface.
PCI- 1408U communication card integrated RISC processor, can take over mainframe PC workload. It would consume CPU majority function, when dealing with mass data from several interfaces. PCI- 1408U can act as a high speed special interrupt register, to assure 8 interface to have 921.6Kbps high communication speed.
PCI- 1408U itself is a computer. It has 512KB two port RAM, for storage or running application. Through two ports RAM mapped to mainframe address space, to guarantee the max data transmit speed between PCI- 1408U and PC storage.
- Interface:  8
-  Dual- port RAM: 512KB
-  SRAM:  16KB
-  UART: RISC CD 180
-  Interrupt: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, or 15
-  Max interface quantity within one system: 32
-  Operating temperature: 0~55℃
-  Power consumption: +5V@155mA, +12V@110mA, - 12V@160mA
-  Weight: 0.8kg (1.81b)
Order information:
-  PCI- 1408U   8-port intelligent RS- 232/422 universal PCI communication card, with surge protection.
-  Opt8A             8-port RS- 232(DCE)head box, with pined DB25 interface.
-  Opt8B             8-port RS- 232(DTE)head box, with pined DB25 interface.
-  Opt8C            8-port RS- 232 head box, with pined DB25 interface.
-  Opt8H            8-port RS- 232 cable, with pined DB62 to DB9 interface.
-  Opt8F             8-port RS- 422 head box, with pined DB9 interface.
-  Opt8Z             8-port RS- 422 head box, with pined DB9 interface.


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