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R-8552/8554-GPRS Modem

R-8552/8554-GPRS Modem 

GPRS Modem

Main Features
-  Adopt 10V-30V wide scope power supply and SMA wire interface, can achieve data transmit with internet through RS-232, no need for other peripheral circuit
-  Terminator SFP, slide –way configure
-  Small volume, can be embedded or external


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This modem has built-in wireless communication model, standard RS-232/RS-485 port and SIM card interface, users can use AT command through serial port to set up and dial- up networking, data communication on PC( by using TCP/IP, PPP protocol).
By using GPRS Modem , it can quickly build up wireless data communication network, to achieve in-time far distance data transmit, GPRS Modem can supply simple, convenient and practical wireless data communication solutions within vas fields such as data collection and remote monitoring.

Performance index 
-  Support GSM900and SM1800 double-band
-  Support data language. Message and fax
-  Adopt circuit switching max speed is : 14.4kbps
-  GPRS Class 2 (Class 10), support AT command set up
-  Support voltage range: 20V-30V, low power consumption
-  Adopt standard industrial interface RS-232
-  Standard protocol certificate, adopt GSMPhase2/2+ standard
-  SIM slot
Ordering information:
-  R-8551 Modem: adopt WAVECOMN GPRS model
-  R-8552 Modem: adopt MOTOROLA GPRS model
-  R-8551 Modem: adopt SIMCOMM GPRS model
Antenna: optional sucked type or pole type


Date Description Version OS Download


Date Description Version OS Download
2015/04/09 R-8552/8554-GPRS Modem Download
2015/04/09 R-8552/8554-GPRS Modem Download
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