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R-8554A GPRS DTU Wireless Communication Module  
Main Features

- Adopts RS-232/ RS-485 industrial standard connector, easy for users to realize data control based on GPRS platform

- Swappable terminals, DIN rail

- Compact size, can be used either embedded or external

- Support high-speed, transparent/protocol data transmission, built-in software and hardware watchdog, Optimized EMC design, to ensure the DTU long time and stable running

- Support message, local serial port and remote center DTU graphics parameters maintenance

- Support Chinese and English SMS receiving, single-sending, group-sending function

- Support static data service center IP address, DNS and VPN  

- Multi optional operating modes: peer to peer, peer to multi-point, center to multi-point data transmission, data/SMS trigger, network and SMS channel exchange freely

- Support center real serial port/virtual port with DTU peer to peer, peer to multi-points communication

- Adopts advanced power technology, wide power range, to improve the stability of equipment

- 7 x GPIO connectors reserved for customizing analog, digital acquisition, etc. functions which customers require


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RemoDAQ-8554A GPRS DTU is a type of wireless data transmission terminal which designed for utilizing in the industrial fields, such as power control, water schedule, traffic, oil field, weather forecast, environmental protection, street lamp control, post, pipe control, bank, finance and many other areas.    It realize the transparent transmission of information, and provides high speed, always online, transparent data transmission APN service, which is convenient for transmitting the data from center to multi-point, various and distributed points by GPRS platform.


Date Description Version OS Download


Date Description Version OS Download
2015/04/09 R-8554A GPRS DTU Download
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