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RemoDAQ-8188E Series Ethernet Programmable Communication Controller
Main Features

-   Low power consumption AMD-80188-40Mhz CPU
-    Built-in RTC, SRAM, Flash Disk, miniBIOS, ROM DOS, Watchdog, Automatic Reversing Circuit, 7-segment LED display, expansion I/O Bus, etc.
-    1 10M Ethernet Port, 1~8 COM Ports
-    Operating Temperature: -25~+70℃
-    Power Supply: +10~30VDC/ 2.0W


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RemoDAQ-8188E Series Ethernet Programmable Communication Controller

RemoDAQ-8188E provides solution that makes on-the-spot intelligent equipments with RS-232/RS-48 connector connect to Internet or Ethernet. 1~8 RS-232/RS-485 devices can be connected into Internet or Ethernet at the same time by this module. So, it is also called industrial COM Port Server. The module is regarded as a condensed IBM-PC compatible machine because that it is at low price, programmable, its core hardware is AMD-80188-40Mhz CPU, and core software is miniBIOS, ROM DOS, and TC/IP Function library. It only contains CPU, memory, Flash Disk, 1 10M Ethernet Port, 1~8 RS-232/422/485 Serial Ports, etc, but without FDD, HDD, keyboard & Mouse Port. Users can develop program making use of ordinary computer, and to do communication or download program by Ethernet port of PC and RemoDAQ-8188XD.   

As RemoDAQ-8188END provides full-fledged development package, users can make use of BC and super terminal to develop program and debug in a single step mode.

RemoDAQ-8188E also provides VirtualSerialIP virtual serial port program. The 1~8 COM ports of RemoDAQ-8188E are considered as the serial ports of PC by installing the VirtualSerialIP program on the PC. Operation to the virtual serial ports on PC can realize to the operation to the actual COM ports of RemoDAQ-8188E.

In addition, RemoDAQ-8188E provides a group of I/O Expansion Bus, users can make use of the Bus to develop A/D, D/A, DIO connectors and expand the I/O function of module.

The module matches 7-segment digital LED display to show simple data at home.

RemoDAQ-8188-M support Modbus protocol and the excellent software with Modbus driver can obtain the data from the module directly.

R-8188E series products are specified R-8188E1~E8, R-8188E1D~E8D, R-8188E1-M~E8-M, etc. according to the number of serial ports, whether with digital LED or not, with or without Modbus/TCP protocol.

TCP/IP Library Function

The software library enclosed to module support TCP/IP protocol and Web server, to support protocol as follows:
TCP Transmitting Control Protocol

UDP Datagram Protocol

IP Internet Protocol
ICMP Internet Control Information Protocol
ARP Address Analysis Protocol, Embedded OS ROM DOS
RARP Reserved Address Analysis Protocol

Ordering Information:
R-8188E1: One Ethernet Port, 1x RS-232 connector
R-8188E1D: R-8188E1 with 7-segment LED display
R-8188E2: One Ethernet ort, 1x RS-232 connector, One Isolated RS-485 connector
R-8188E2D: R-8188E2 with 7-segment LED display
R-8188E3: One Ethernet ort, 2x RS-232 connector, One Isolated RS-485 connector
R-8188E3D: R-8188E3 with 7-segment LED display
R-8188E4: One Ethernet ort, 3x RS-232 connector, One Isolated RS-485 connector
R-8188E4D: R-8188E4 with 7-segment LED display
R-8188E5: One Ethernet ort, 4x RS-232 connector, One Isolated RS-485 connector
R-8188E5D: R-8188E5 with 7-segment LED display
R-8188E8:One Ethernet Port, 7x RS-232 connector, One isolated RS-485 connector
R-8188E8D: R-8188E8 with 7-segment LED display
PWR-24/220: 220V input/24V output, 15W Power Supply Module


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Date Description Version OS Download
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