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Module series of power acquisition (External transformer)
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Single-phase Intelligent AC Electricity Acquisition Module
Main Features

-  Measured Channels: Single-phase current and voltage

-  Measured Parameters: real effective value of the current, voltage, useful power, active/wattful electrical degree

-  Voltage Range: 10~500V, can measure higher voltage by appending voltage transformer and setting voltage transformation ratio.

-  Current Range: basic range is 0~5A, can measure greater current by  appending current transformer, and setting current transformation ratio.

-  Communication Interface: RS-485

-  Communication Protocol: ASCII commands and MODBUS/ASCII  protocol

-  Sampling Rate: AC sampling, 4 KHz/ channel

-  Communication Rate: 300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600BPS

-  Degree of Accuracy: current, voltage: 0.2, the rest: 0.5

-  Isolation Voltage:1000VDC

-  Power Supply: 10~30VDC

-  Power Consumption:1.5W
-  Built-in real-time clock provides the information of year, month, day, hour, minute and second, to make sure supplying electricity uninterruptedly for 10 years with lithium cell.

Ordering Information
R-8073S/5: Single-phase intelligent AC electricity acquisition module, input 0~5A
R-8073S/20: Single-phase AC electricity acquisition module, input 0~20A


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Single-phase Intelligent AC Electricity Acquisition Module

It integrated minimized computer chips, digital signal processing chips, standard communication interface, is compatible with RS-485 or RS-232 port, can accomplish the function of measurement, calibration, setting, telemetry, remote regulating.Due to the small size, multi-function, high precision, it can be used in many cases of AC power supply to measure, count and remote centralizing meter-reading, monitoring management. It is in excellent performance,and at low price, so the using cost can be cut down effectively.


Date Description Version OS Download


Date Description Version OS Download
2015/04/08 R-8073S Download
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