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Module series of power acquisition (External transformer)
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Three-phase Full-parameter AC Electricity Acquisition Module  
Main Features

- Measured Channels: three-phase current and voltage

- Measured Parameters: the true effective value of current and voltage, power factor, active power, reactive power, frequency, input active electrical degree, output active electrical degree, main electrical degree, reactive electrical degree, apparent power, main apparent power, etc.

- Input Frequency: 35~75Hz

- Voltage Range: 10~500V, can measure higher voltage by adding voltage transformer and setting voltage transformation ratio.

- Current Range: Basic range is 0~5A, can measure greater current by adding current transformer and setting current transformation ratio.

- Signal Processing: 16-bit A/D converter, 6-channel, every channel synchronistical AC samples at the speed of 4KHz.The real time data of module is true effective value of 1 second (refresh once a second)

- Overload Capability: Can measure exactly 1.4 times of range input; instant current (10 cycles) is 5 times, no damage when voltage range is 3 times.

- Output Data: three-phase voltage V1, V2, V3; three-phase current I1, I2, I3; active power P, reactive power Q, apparent power S, each apparent power S1, S2, S3, PF, each power factor PF1,PF2, PF3, zero-sequence current In, F, each active power Pa, Pb, Pc; each reactive power Qa, Qb, Qc; input active electrical degree Epi, output active electrical degree Epo, perceptual reactive electrical degree Eqind, capacitive reactive electrical degree Eqcad, etc.

- Output Interface: RS-485, RS-232(optional)

- Communication Rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200BPS

- Communication Protocol: ASCII commands and MODBUS/ASCII protocol


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Three-phase Full-parameter AC Electricity Acquisition Module  


Date Description Version OS Download


Date Description Version OS Download
2015/04/10 R-8073A Download
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