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R-9000 Series of I/O module
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R-9017H R-9017H 8-channel High-speed AI Module
R-9018 R-9018 7-Channel Thermocouple Input Module
R-9024 R-9024 4-Channel AO Module
R-9033 R-9033 3-channel RTD Input Module
R-9050 R-9050 16-channel digital I/O module
R-9051/R-9051D R-9051/R-9051D 16-channel DI/O Module with LED Display
R-9051S R-9051S 16-Channel Isolation DI Module
R-9052 R-9052 8-channel Isolated DI Module with LED Display
R-9055S R-9055S 16-channel DI/O Module with LED Display
R-9056/R-9056D R-9056/R-9056D 16-Channel DI/O Module with LED Display
R-9056S/R-9056SO R-9056S/R-9056SO 16-channel Sink/Source Isolated Digital Output Module  
R-9060/R-9068 R-9060/R-9068 6-Channel/8-Channel Relay Output Module
R-9080 R-9080 4-channel Counter/Frequency Module 
R-9090 R-9090 4-Port RS232 Module
R-9090A R-9090A Port: 4 serial ports (2 RS-232, 2 RS-485) 
R-9017 R-9017 8-channel AI Module
R-9069 R-9069 8-channel Relay Output Module
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